Re: GNOME 2.20.0 beta 1


Kjartan Maraas wrote:

> I'm still in the process of building the release and have uploaded the
> modulesets and versions file to the ftp server so far. Hit a few snags
> here and there so it has taken me longer than I wanted.

gnome-suites-2.19.90.modules is missing tarballs for new modules, accerciser
and gnome-devel-docs, 

 <tarball id="gnome-devel-docs" version="2.19.1">
   <source href=" md5sum="6615ea643ec27c41f97858d874bc4eb8" size="818514"/>
     <dep package="gnome-doc-utils"/>

 <tarball id="accerciser" version="0.1.90">
   <source href=""; md5sum="043def58d64eb693c9b7c04c193c1f23" size="829834"/>
     <dep package="pygtk"/>
     <dep package="gnome-python"/>
     <dep package="gnome-python-desktop"/>
     <dep package="libglade"/>
     <dep package="at-spi"/>


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