Re: GNOME 2.20.0 beta 1

ons, 15.08.2007 kl. 01.05 -0500, skrev Brian Cameron:
> I just noticed on the 2.19 schedule that we were supposed to release
> 2.19.90 this past Monday and today was supposed to be the 2.20 beta1
> release?  There wasn't any announcement on this list, so I haven't
> yet spun a version of GDM.  Is this release being delayed?

I'm still in the process of building the release and have uploaded the
modulesets and versions file to the ftp server so far. Hit a few snags
here and there so it has taken me longer than I wanted.

I really don't understand how we were supposed to do two releases in
three days though? That must be wrong. The normal procedure has always
been tarballs due on monday before the release on wednesday.

And looking at the schedule again I now see that GNOME 2.20.0 Beta1
really is just another name for 2.19.90 :-) I will have it out by the
end of today hopefully.


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