Re: Rarian and Yelp

On 8/2/07, Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus marcuscom com> wrote:

> I can't do anything with yelp+rarian.  Trying to view help files from
> standalone Yelp yields "No documents or subcategories found."  Trying to
> start Yelp from an app like gnome-terminal or eog throws a "URI is
> invalid" error.
> I'm still not sure how this works on Linux as I don't see the
> /usr/local/share/help/LOCALE directories on a Linux box I have.  Does
> this directory exist for you?  If it does, what is its contents?  Who
> creates it?  Is there any way to further debug what rarian is doing?
> Note: I've built rarian using the defaults so both ENABLE_OMF_READ and
> ENABLE_INSTALL Are defined.

I'm seeing the same problems in Fedora with rarian+yelp.


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