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Jan de Groot wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 16:45 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
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>> If there's a better list for Rarian, please let me know.  I just
>> finished porting rarian-0.5.6 to FreeBSD (lot of Linuxisms), and I'm
>> trying to confirm that it's working with Yelp 2.19.1.  However, I can no
>> longer see any of my help documents in Yelp.  When I trace yelp, it
>> seems to be looking for directories that do not exist (e.g.
>> /usr/local/share/help/LOCALE/C).  I don't even see those directories on
>> Linux.  Yelp does find all of the OMF files, but it doesn't want to load
>> the related help .xml files.
>> To be clear, OMF files can be found under /usr/local/share/omf and GNOME
>> help files under /usr/local/share/gnome/help/<app>/<locale>.  This
>> appears to be the same as Linux.
>> My question is, is rarian supposed to be working now?  Should Yelp be
>> finding the help documents?  Right now, Yelp can only successfully find
>> GNU info and man pages.  Thanks.
> I submitted two crasher patches for librarian yesterday, rarian seems to
> work quite fine on linux now. Three side notes though:
> - beagle search in yelp no longer builds as of 2.19.1
> - simple search crashes with an invalid pointer somewhere in librarian
> - yelp doesn't know how to generate the help index anymore, viewing
> normal help files is fine though.
> IMHO these things should be working before rarian is used as default
> documentation system in GNOME. We're still in the early development
> process now, so there's time to fix these things.
> I'll file some bugs with more information in the weekend so people can
> work on it.

I can't do anything with yelp+rarian.  Trying to view help files from
standalone Yelp yields "No documents or subcategories found."  Trying to
start Yelp from an app like gnome-terminal or eog throws a "URI is
invalid" error.

I'm still not sure how this works on Linux as I don't see the
/usr/local/share/help/LOCALE directories on a Linux box I have.  Does
this directory exist for you?  If it does, what is its contents?  Who
creates it?  Is there any way to further debug what rarian is doing?

Note: I've built rarian using the defaults so both ENABLE_OMF_READ and


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