Re: Dogfood servers now up

2007/8/1, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>:

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> Basically, a new <>  web site is going
> on (AGO3), as a SoC project. If I have some time, I would we've been
> working on an atom extension for themes on the current a.g.o. web, and I
> did a small app to consume those feeds[0].

In addition to themes, I think it would be sweet if you could choose
backgrounds from and also photo sharing sites like Flickr
in the control panel.

Errr... have you seen the link at the bottom of my previous e-mail? Anyway, direct link to the screencast:

And to make it more badass, have the control panel remember the original
URL of the image, which combined with settings sync means if you log in
to a fresh account your background would be downloaded ;-)

Then of course there's the "slideshow background from my photoset/tag"

That's the idea. :-)


Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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