Re: Do you use multiple gnome-keyring keyrings?

On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 04:43 +0000, Nate Nielsen wrote:
> Jon Nettleton wrote:
> > The above approach also gives you the ability to have different
> > passphrases for different certs, or services.  They are retrievable if
> > you forget them but remember your system passphrase.  It also gives you
> > only one passphrase (the one to unlock the Login keyring) to keep in
> > sync with your system passphrase.  So if something happens and they get
> > out of sync you don't have to update 20 different passwords to get
> > things back sync'd up and unlocking on login properly.
> Cool idea. It's a good solution to multiple keyrings, unlock on login,
> and things like key store integration. It also helps users with simple
> needs keep things simple, while security minded users can have
> uncompromising security.
> But I have a few suggestions to help simplify things slightly...
>  A. Let's not expose the 'Login' keyring as a normal keyring. I don't
>     think other applications should be allowed to mess with it. We
>     might consider it a  implementation detail internal to
>     gnome-keyring-daemon. For simplicity we might call it something
>     like 'master passwords' in the code.

The contents should have the ability to be displayed by whatever
management program is being used.  I want this only so a password that
hasn't been changed or entered in years isn't gone forever and the
contents of the keyring locked unrecoverable.  

Other than that I completely agree.  Basically we would just check if
the on_login property of a keyring was set and internally have the gkd
add or remove it from the Login, or 'master passwords' keyring.  

>  B. Any keyring, key store, etc. that has a valid password configured
>     in the 'master passwords' would be unlocked upon login.

I think this would be best accomplished by exposing a simple function in
the libgnome-keyring api.  Have something like
gnome_keyring_unlock_masterpassword_keyring and
gnome_keyring_unlock_masterpassword_keyring_sync that would take the
password to use, or NULL to be prompted.

>  C. When the user changes the password to their keyring, they'd have
>     the option to choose whether it gets unlocked upon login or not.
>     In effect they'd be choosing whether the keyring password would
>     be stored in the 'master passwords' or not.

This would need to be exposed in the gnome-keyring-ask gui, probably
just a simple checkbox should be fine.

>  D. Initially the first default keyring for a new account would be
>     encrypted in the same password as the login password (ie: and
>     the same as 'master passwords' is encrypted in). This allows
>     people who absent mindedly move keyrings or certificates to a
>     different system to use a password they know to access them.

I will go with this.  Should this be a function of gnome-keyring-daemon?
So the gkd would launch, oh there is no default password and immediately
try to create a default, and 'master passwords' keyring?

> You've obviously thought about this a lot, so there may be things I'm
> missing in my suggestions above. But I think that implementing it in
> this way would simplify things for both users and developers.

Thanks I am glad you like my ideas.  Now I just need to get my butt in
gear and finish up all the half done code I have been sitting on.


> Cheers,
> Nate Nielsen

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