RE: Do you use multiple gnome-keyring keyrings?


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> > More design info here:
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> Regarding 'Certificate Storage' on that page, which looks 
> like a still open question (or at least not yet closed), I 
> want to give a +1 for using PKCS#12 for this purpose.  Even 
> if the format has its warts, it is much better than inventing 
> a new format.


I'm not sure I understand what will be possible with this new function. Will
it be possible to unlock automatically the keyring when the user logon (to
avoid multiple passwords) and let NetworkManager (wireless and VPN) take the
certificate in the keyring without the need, for the user, to know any pin
code to unlock the private key ?

If it is possible, it is a great function, because today, my users have to
know 3 passwords (gnome session, keyring and pin code). The session password
has to be changed every 90 days, users do not understand what a keyring is
(that's why I would like to unlock it automatically). It is very difficult,
after monthes, to remember what each password is for...



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