Showstopper Review

another quick list of our worst current crashers. feel encouraged to
take a look and to help out with fresh ideas.

=> Evolution crashes sometimes when closing main window

still: 217 dups total, several attempts to fix this already, and some
more information on the circumstances to trigger this, but no safe way
to reproduce.
again: if somebody can reproduce this reliably, please test the patch
attached to comment 109, and see harish's comments in comment 204!
=> crash in camel_mime_part_construct_content_from_parser
157 dups total, 54 in the last 30 days.
useful trace available in comment 96, vvaradhan is looking into this
issue, but it would be great if anybody could provide an example email
for this crasher.
no clear way to reproduce this so far, according to 366403#c3 this crash
is accompanied by evolution using lots of virtual memory.

=> crash in Terminal.

173 dups total, no progress at all here for the last weeks. this still
needs a better stacktrace. a few reporters state that this happened
while opening a new terminal window/tab or applying a new theme, but
there are also other descriptions around ("i pasted something").
perhaps somebody can help here and try to reproduce this?

=> crash on Open Folder

now 807 dups total, plus 170 in the last 50 days.
comment 219 states that perhaps the fix for 396161 has also fixed this
issue. time (gtk+ >= 2.10.8) will tell, and according to the decreasing
number of weekly reports for this issue, it could well be that this one
has been already fixed.
=> gtk_icon_cache_add_icons: icon cache corruption
153 dups total, 31 in the last 30 days.
good trace and even test files available (see comment 103), now if a gtk
hacker (mclasen has commented on that report in the past) could pick
this one up...

=> crash in System Log: string_get_date_string() at logrtns.c:136
169 dups total, nice trace in comment 2.
looks like a trivial one (index out of bounds), and ebassi told me that
he will have a look within the next days (tia).


Changes/Fixes since the last review[1]:
      * EOG: 379919 is fixed in 2.19.x, which should also fix 320206
      * EPIPHANY: 353503 is notgnome but of course still exists, but the
        fix for totem bug 415389 should avoid triggering this epiphany
      * GEDIT: 354046 is fixed in 2.18.0 - the workaround was committed.


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