Re: dropping bug-buddy reports for old version of gnome automatically

Le dimanche 08 avril 2007 à 16:19 +0200, Olav Vitters a écrit :
> Oh, and a warning: without having some system in place to
> detect duplicates automatically, you will be overwhelmed. 

Definitely. This, and the fact such reports are mostly useless without
debugging symbols available. I have some ideas on how to handle the
first issue, but it's quite entangled with the BTS and I want to see the
system in action before. For the debugging symbols issue, we have some
ideas about their automated installation, but it remains to be done.

Reports on stable releases are another issue, and I'm reluctant to ship
such automated tools (including bug-buddy) in stable releases unless we
find ways to identify bugs that we'll really want to fix (like security

> I do wonder about the 'non-GNOME-dependent' comment though? Does it mean
> 'GTK+' / 'Qt' or just like apport that it works for every app (kernel
> integrated)?

I chose the LD_PRELOAD way, so that it remains entirely optional and can
run with any kernel.

> Ideally the major distributions would have something like apport, where
> at least most of the code is shared between the distributions. This
> should work for every application in the distribution.

It turns out that the shared code would be very small. The LD_PRELOAD
library (that's mostly stolen from libgnomeui) is a tiny piece of code,
and I suspect the kernel patch is likewise. The more important part of
the code is the integration with the distribution's own packaging system
and bug tracker.

> It would still need to handle the jhbuild / GARNOME case though.

Currently Debreaper doesn't override applications setting their own
signal handlers, but for GNOME it overrides gnome_segv2. As GARNOME
installations have their own gnome_segv2, this should bring bug-buddy as

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