Re: menu editing griefs: How collaboration did not work. But it should work!

On 9/22/06, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
Roughly at the same time, Travis Watkins wanted to have a feature-rich
menu menu editor [5], totally not modelled after Calum's proposal. It
was called smeg (and later renamed to alacarte), but more and more
converged to Calum's ideas. It was and is a good piece of software, but
it turned out to be the third implementation of the same concept with
some minor tweaks.

When I started working on Alacarte I knew nothing about calum's design
for a menu editor. By around version 0.6 I had it implemented like he
drew it up and then went beyond that to remove the dialog/application
confusion. I started work on alacarte independant from your work (I
believe I started before Mark) because I had little confidence in my C
skills and believed I could finish faster using Python. It still uses
the gnome-menus library that all three of us put some sort of work
into so it's not a complete loss.

Travis Watkins

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