Re: The future of session management in GNOME

Il giorno lun, 11/09/2006 alle 12.30 +0200, Kjartan Maraas ha scritto:

> What is the rationale for not just saving the documents and letting
> logout proceed?

Saving means to destroy the data which is currently in the file with the
one in the open buffer, so doing it without confirmation is not good.
People may have incomplete or casual modifications that they do not
actually want to save.
It's pretty much the standard behavior and it's the same as when you
close the window.

Beside there are also many other cases: for instance the file may be
untitled or read only (in which cases you are offered to save it with
another name choosing the path) or it may be in an error condition.
Also note that the file may actually be "saving", since saving to a
remote location is a slow and async operation, so close/logout has to be
deferred until the operation ends successfully.

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> Kjartan
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