Re: Notifications for build & release issues: gnome-control-center

Elijah Newren wrote:
> Hi Sergey,
> Apparently the desktop module gnome-control-center has recently been
> split into two separate modules, with libgswitchit and libkbdraw being
> pulled out into a separate module named libgnomekbd.  I've already
> misunderstood the change once; so, just to verify, did I summarize the
> change correctly?  If so, I don't see any problems with such a change,
> but release set modules need to be updated and build tools need to be
> updated; for future changes like this, can you send an email to d-d-l
> before making such changes so that we can make sure to get things
> updated?  If I didn't understand the change correctly, could you
> comment on what it is and what it means so we can figure out how the
> release sets, the build, and other modules are affected?
> Thanks for your awesome work on all this stuff,
> Elijah


I had already mentioned this to Sergey on the gnome-cc-list yesterday.
He wasn't too sure about how jhbuild worked, so I was in the process of
explaining, so he could set it up for himself.

Do we currently have a dependency and module documentation on-line
somewhere? I have had several people ask me about such information (or
moan about the lack of). It would be good to have a build guide for ISVs
at the very least. GNOME is becoming more and more difficult to build
and package because of the lack of this type of documentation (these are
comments I've had from both individuals and people involved in small
distributions). If it is available somewhere, we need better publicise
it better.



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