Re: Proposing Tracker for inclusion into GNOME 2.18

People seem to be taking this discussion too personally; this doesn't
need to turn in to a Beagle vs. Tracker holy war.

Being included into the "official" GNOME release isn't as important as
you might think, since few people simply install an official GNOME, but
rather use GNOME through the distributions.

Now that, I think, a lot more people know about Tracker because of this
thread, the best way to move forward isn't to push for inclusion in the
next release, since there's a fair amount of resistance to the idea, but
rather to move ahead and attempt to develop the technology with the
support of the incredible GNOME community.

So, rather than a Beagle vs. Tracker flamewar, let's hijack this thread
into a discussion on how indexed metadata fits into our future vision
for the GNOME desktop, and talk about how additional integration points
in the existing GNOME application set might improve the user experience.


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