Helper to collect more info in bug-buddy


I recently added code to Nautilus to collect logging information.  This
log is dumped to a file in the user's home directory when Nautilus
crashes [1].

However, it is cumbersome to tell users, "please send that file as well
as the bug-buddy report when you get a crash".  It would be good if
bug-buddy would pick up that file and append it to its own debug log.

Alex Larsson suggested that our .desktop files could specify a
per-module script that would collect more info for bug-buddy.  For
Nautilus, this would be something like

	X-bug-buddy-collect-script =

And that script, would simply contain

	cat ~/nautilus-debug-log.txt

since ~/nautilus-debug-log.txt is where Nautilus dumps its own debug

The idea is that programs that collect their own debugging data should
be able to tell bug-buddy show to pick up that data for its own logs.




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