Re: Nautilus Sidebar

On 6/25/06, Olafur Arason <olafra gmail com> wrote:
The problem is that this is ends up being just ignored, I have asked
countless windows user whether they use this feature of explorer
they respond that they hadn't noticed it. It is better to have single
purpose applications. That being said it could be useful to have
and optional sidebar thing that had big noticeable and distinct
actions. Intelligence is key here, less is more.

Olafur Arason

I think that it failing to be noticed is a problem with the default
configuratins, not with the tool itself.  Perhaps we can think of some
way to make it more discoverable - like a context menu item that says
'view more options in sidebar' when the sidebar isn't shown, does
anyone have any other ideas?

I fully agree that 'less is more' :) I think we want to provide really
relevant actions/files/information.

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