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Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 12:58 +0000, d2004 cosmopod com wrote:

> 1.  Evolution's spam filter is slow and not as efficient as that of 
> Thunderbird.  Optimisation work in this area would be greatly

You need to train the spam filter for a few days to make it work
effectively. This will help to develop the spam-detection-knowledge.
There has been a discussion going on about letting the user choose
SpamAssasin or Bogofilter. You can  peek at the discussion on

> 2.  When importing a single mail file into Evolution, displaying a
list of 
> files to select from shows the file name and the date but not the file
> Displaying the file size would make it easier to determine which file
> which, if there are a large number to choose from.

The file-open dialog used in Evolution is the gnome-wide GtkFileChooser.
I believe that people hacking on it would have noted this discussion and
will provide the ability to customize the columns in the dialog soon.

> 3.  I believe it has been discussed before but it would be more
logical for 
> deleted emails to be treated as higher level objects and go to system
> rather than a deleted mail folder.  This would make system trash a
> repository for deleted data.

I am not sure if this will be useful. If you have a remote account
(IMAP/Exchange/GW) we are left with no choice other than keeping the
deleted items in the server, so that they will be accesible everywhere.
So they need to be on the Trash-folder on the accounts. And it will be
confusing to have different Trash folder behaviors for local and remote
Trash folders.

> 4.  A mail preview so that incoming messages could be seen without
> from other applications to Evolution all of the time would be
> Outlook 2003 has a function whereby a message momentarily pops-up on
> allowing the user to see the name of the sender and the subject line. 
Such a 
> pop-up may be annoying to some users; however, Google Desktop has an
> better solution whereby, in  "Sidebar" mode, it displays a list of
> mails on screen.  Clicking on one allows it to be opened out and
> >From there, clicking on it again opens the actual message in Outlook.
> similar mail preview system for GNOME would therefore result in people
> able to see new messages without constantly switching between
> and also enable them to determine if a message was particularly

*NOD* There needs to be a better new mail notification mechanism than
the current BEEP or run-custom-program. This is already in the task list
for the Evolution 2.8 release. (
Allowing the user to open/delete new mails without coming to the
Evolution window.  In the meanwhile you can try

Your distro might ship with a new mail notification program already. You
can ask for more details in your distro's forum.


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