Re: Proposal to add Orca to GNOME 2.16

У пон, 12. 06 2006. у 08:38 +0200, Murray Cumming пише:
> >
> > It is pretty clear that we want to replace Gnopernicus with Orca,
> > especially since Gnopernicus maintainers support that as well.
> It is? Where have they said this? If so, that would resolve a lot of
> confusion.

As pointed to in original e-mail:

  "We support the Orca team's proposal to make Orca the default 
   screen reader / magnifier on the GNOME desktop in GNOME 2.16 
   - and for Orca to be the spiritual and logical successor to

Perhaps I am trusting e-mail exchange too much?
(Though, I don't think I am ;)

> Or is the old "This'll make them actually comment on it." trick?

No, I didn't mean it like that.  Though, if they didn't actually send
the above message (we all know how easy it is to forge e-mail headers),
they'd have certainly replied so far.


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