Re: opening a program with the middle button

Xavier Bestel wrote:

> Under AmigaOS you could do it that way IIRC:
> right-click to open the menu, then without releasing the
> right-mouse-button use the left-mouse-button to do your multiselections.
> Not that I advise using several mouse buttons at once.

It was a nice feature allowing to do more actions in the menu during one
rolling down.

And a nice Amiga Multiselect utility also enabled multiple selections
outside menu, in file lists, file managers etc. without using of Shift

- Place mouse pointer over the first item you want to select
- Press left button
- Keep the left button pressed and press right button
- Release left button, keeping right button pressed
- Use left button clicking to add toggle items selection, keeping right
  button pressed
- Release right button

Both these features I often miss in GTK+.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
software developer
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