Re: Proposal to add Orca to GNOME 2.16

On 6/11/06, Sri Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com> wrote:
So there's been no comment on this (or I must have missed it).  Are we
considering Orca for GNOME 2.16[1]?

I did respond[2] but I think your email points out some potential
confusion in the community worth addressing.

[1] I'm assuming this is the time to propose new modules.  Although it
seems kind of early to me.

Actually, (application) module proposal time has come and passed.
We're now in the extended module evaluation period.  In past releases,
the proposal deadline and module freeze were so close together that we
weren't ever even close to actually meeting the module freeze
deadline.  The decision would always come like a month afterwards when
we were deep into freezes.  So, we changed things this time around[3].
As per the release schedule[4], new application modules needed to
have been proposed by April 24th; we have a longer module evaluation
period, module discussion will heat up on July 10th to discuss any
lingering issues, the release team meets the following week with the
community input, and module choice is frozen July 24th.

I believe all the modules that have been proposed have been added to and  If anyone spots a
missing module, please add it.  Also, it'd be great if everyone could
build and test the proposed modules[5].


[5] Along those lines, I updated the meta-gnome-proposed module in
jhbuild just this last week to assist with that.  However, it's
missing gtk-sharp and tomboy, which should probably be fixed somehow.
It's similar to the missing gtk2-perl and gtk-java issue, which I also
don't know quite how to solve.  I'm pretty sure there's a bug I filed
somewhere with some advice from James that I said I'd follow up on but
which I never got around to.

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