Re: Putting the 'Mono debate' back on the rails

On 7/24/06, Ghee Teo sun com <Ghee Teo sun com> wrote:
Mike Kestner wrote:

> My Gtk#-lite 2.16 binding would be allowed to break API in 2.18 as long
>as I make it parallel-installable, thereby breaking all existing
>Gtk#-lite applications unless packagers provide Bindings release 2.16
>with their 2.18 desktop

   parallel-instabllable is the worst idea of software development.
One ended with forked version of software and only create more
maintaineable nightmare. We are all tremendous hackers/engineers,
so stick to some good engineering principles :)

Huh?  Would you really want gtk+-2.x to use the same library name as
gtk+-1.x, breaking all gtk+-1.x apps?  It's not even close to the
worst idea.  It's actually a very good idea -- when not overused.  In
particular, combined with each version remaining stable,
parallel-installable is far better than just breaking API/ABI.

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