Re: Bug buddy maintainer? (Was Re: bug-buddy support)

On 7/21/06, Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net> wrote:

Bug-buddy is pretty much maintainerless from what I can tell - Fer is
not very active, and I have my hands full with Yelp.  Is there someone
out there that would be interested in taking bug-buddy by both reins?

Well, here it's Fer :)

I am sorry about the non-regular releases of bug-buddy (as well as
gconf-editor and gnome-keyring-manager) during last months.

As some of you know I move to Helsinki a month and a half ago. My home
computer arrived last week, and my home DSL connection is coming in 10
days. Also I hope to get proper access to {cvs,svn} at work

Anyway, I did my best to get new bug-buddy interface and internal
ready for 2.16, after the great work from Olav in
and lot of help from Brent. I am sorry about breaking the command line
interface that yelp and other applications were using (it's a
developer release!) and will try to fix it ASAP. Of course, any help
with bug-buddy (as with any other module in GNOME) is very welcome.

  Fer, from a mobile phone connection.


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