Re: focus! (was Re: Focusing on innovation re: mono, python et al)

  Regarding the "focus" issue, perhaps the distribution needs to drive
this, not GNOME.  I'm thinking for example of ubuntu vs edubuntu
(education oriented variant of ubuntu).  They're basically the same
distribution, with different default colors and different default set of

So where does that leave GNOME and the GNOME project if really all we
are is an API vendor for distributions to come along and do whatever
they want with some apps that due to our coherent APIs all work lovely
together. What is the need for "The GNOME Desktop"? (I'm still sorry
I'm asking questions, I still don't have any [coherent] answers...)

_Maybe_ we could go one step further and have apps customize the
level of complexity of the UI (like very early nautilus had as
preference, like RB has a "compact" mode).

As we saw with Nautilus, it sucked. And RB's compact mode wasn't to
simplify the GUI, it was simply to take up less screenspace.


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