Re: Mono/GTK#/Tomboy

> Hi,
> Elijah said:
>> And the big question:  We currently allow desktop modules to depend on
>> the pygtk bindings, but no others.  Should we extend that to include
>> the gtk# ones (assuming, of course, that gtk# is added to the bindings
>> set)?
> Let me rephrase that question:
> (Language X) is par of the bindings set. Should we consider that
> applications written in (Language X) can be considered for the desktpo
> release?
> I think that should be the case. The bindings depend on the platform,
> and I have no issue having Python, C++ or C# applications (or Java for
> that matter, if java-gnome joins the bindings set) being considered for
> inclusion in the desktop release (on condition that there is no
> dependence on non-free software implied in that).
> The desktop already depends on the presence of the bindings,

on the presence of one binding - pygtk. We reached consensus a while ago
that python was an acceptable programming language for the implementation
of applications in the Desktop release set. There were no big objections
to python in general.

Now the question is whether other programming languages (and their
bindings) are acceptable. As before there are still a lot of people who
think it would make development difficult if we use multiple programming

And while there were almost no objections to Python, there are clearly
many objections to Mono.

> so the only
> question is whether GTK# is ready and willing to be in the bindings set
> (or am I missing something?)

So it's not that simple. These are two separate questions.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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