Re: Trying to reach consensus for the proposed modules


On Wed, 2006-01-11 at 22:03 -0500, Pat Suwalski wrote:
> Steve Fr�naux wrote:
> > You must agree that Notepad is just a piece of crap.
> Yes and no. For viewing things it would be perfectly okay if it could 
> handle foreign forms of line breaks. But I digress. The keyword is "simple."

And what is "simple"?

A text editor should not be "simple" - otherwise, as you put it - it
would be a text *viewer*.  And no, we don't have a viewer for text/plain
files.  Maybe evince could be adapted for this; or maybe we need a
"gnome-less" program.

> > As Paolo Borelli said, the new gedit is faster than the old one. It has 
> > been partly rewritten and gained some needed features. Some of them, 
> > rarely used, has even been removed to be reimplemented as optional plugins.
> When a developer says it is faster, I cannot necessarily take it at face 
>   value. For example, Gimp 2.x is undeniably faster than Gimp 1.x, but 
> its startup time is longer. Is it, therefore, faster?
> So, if I use Gimp as an image viewer, it's slower from my point of view. 

If you are using a round-shaped piece with a square-shaped hold...

Gimp is an image *editor*; load time could be arbitrarily slow, since it
should be launched for a long operation (image editing).

Eye of Gnome is an image *viewer*: it must be fast and appear as such,
since it will be what users will see the most, as any user will view
images more often than will edit images.

> I use gedit more as a viewer than an editor. If startup time is any 
> longer than before, then it is slower, from my point of view.

It's not, the overall speed - and perception of it - has been improved,
by a better use of the asynchronous functions, for instance.

Anyway, the Python bindings do not affect the speed of Gedit - just the
ability to create plug-ins for advanced functionalities, like the
snippets plug-in.  Creating such a plug-in using C would have been pain
upon pain: using Python significantly made it easier to write and
extend.  I also expect a slew of new plug-ins after 2.14 lands.


Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>

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