Re: GNOME cleanup series: Chapter 2

On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 13:44 -0200, Guilherme de S. Pastore wrote:
> Hi all,
> However, when we came to look at it, it was not only gnome-terminal that
> installed it: in my personal /usr/share/applications-registry, I have
> files installed by bug-buddy, epiphany, file-roller, gedit, gimp and
> gnome-vfs. Since then, Kjartan has been asking me hourly (ok, not that
> much) whether I have already sent this message to desktop-devel-list
> asking people what they think and, if they agree, to seek a complete
> purge of those for 2.14.
> So, any thoughts?

I don't think they are needed any more with the current system. However,
they do get used with older versions of gnome. So, this is a backwards
compat issue for the app. If you want your app to work on old Gnome
versions you need a .application file.

For apps that ship with the desktop (and that generally need a pretty
recent gnome anyway) we should probably just drop them. 

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