GNOME cleanup series: Chapter 2

Hi all,

after the mail to devel-announce-list gnome org regarding missing
MAINTAINERS files (which are really too many), here is the second
chapter of our GNOME cleanup series, heading towards the cleanest GNOME
release ever for 2.14.

While I was working on gnome-terminal, I noticed a
remaining .applications file there, and went to take a look at it. These
are basically the predecessors of our current beloved .desktop files,
which are default for compliance and, hence,
interoperability. Kjartan Maraas and Vincent Untz, who have been kindly
looking at every single patch I commit to gnome-terminal since Bastien
Nocera's suggestion (thanks guys!) seemed to agree that these are old,
unnecessary and should be have been dropped by now.

However, when we came to look at it, it was not only gnome-terminal that
installed it: in my personal /usr/share/applications-registry, I have
files installed by bug-buddy, epiphany, file-roller, gedit, gimp and
gnome-vfs. Since then, Kjartan has been asking me hourly (ok, not that
much) whether I have already sent this message to desktop-devel-list
asking people what they think and, if they agree, to seek a complete
purge of those for 2.14.

So, any thoughts?


gpastore gnome org: Guilherme de S. Pastore *

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