Re: How To Use Live CD

Michael Avila wrote:

Thank you so much for your help. This is my 2nd or 3rd attempt at Linux. So
far it is going much better than the previous attempts.

I was trying to install it using

yum install gnome

so I guess I was a little off course! LOL  But you got me going. The docs on
CentOS give the impression that gnome is indeed installed but I could not
find it. My son told me to try setup and look in there but it was not there.
I am coming from a Windows background and feel more comfortable using a GUI
even though I have been using the DOS command line for years. I have some
Solaris experience also.

Looking at your commands it looks like I have a lot to learn! But it is
going better. Gnome is downloading now. Hopefully I'll have some disk space
left as I only have an 8 GB disk and I am trying to set up qmail as a mail

It is on file 88 of 134 so it should be done soon. Again, THANK YOU VERY
MUCH for your assistance for helping me to get a good hold on getting
started and a great feeling about Linux.

Hi Mike,

I'm glad to know you've had success getting GNOME going, and wish you luck with your linux experiences :-) However, without wanting to sound rude, desktop-devel-list is a high-traffic development list and we try to keep "user support" off the list to make it easier for developers to follow the development-related threads. I suggest that you direct future questions to gnome-list gnome org
Thanks, and have fun!


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