Re: GDFL - why is it bad? Debian could do better! (was: Re: Debian and the GFDL problem)

Le jeudi 05 janvier 2006 à 19:27 +0100, Christian Neumair a écrit :
> What are the precise problem with GDFL-licensed documents, when there
> are no invariant sections? We can have a policy to accept any
> GDFL-licensed document if it doesn't contain any invariant section.
> Debian could have done so as well, but they decided to distinguish
> themselves as unpragmatic nerds.

Do you really think we are clueless to the point we're not thinking of
simple solutions before starting to ask hundreds of people to relicense
their work?

Even without invariant sections or cover texts, the GFDL still has
problems, especially the obnoxious anti-DRM clause. A complete analysis
is available at:

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