Re: a great idea for gnome three

abdo Chamali wrote:
I do agree also that if you had 30 applications then you will confuse things, however, this is a short cut menu not a replacement one, I.e. its only for the most used, like FireFox or email or IM/blogging application no one in there right mind,(forgive the expression) will put 30 applications as most used, defeats the point

this quick menu will be a graphical one and not text based, when you presented with the quick application launcher
you see Icons, like the FireFox one or Gaim and so on.

I duno, maybe am talking too much, but if there is method in my madness then I do let me know.
Then I think it'd be interesting to look at "Radial menus" concept. Here are some screenshots of them in Mozilla:

 Alexey "Ktirf" Rusakov

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