Re: a great idea for gnome three

sorry about the empty e-mail, dont know what happened,

this is just a reply to "edoardo wrote:"


think having this function will only confuse people, if i middle click i expect don't expect a menu,
using this middle mouse button for a popup is similar to the way Maya (3D programme)
is used.

anyhow, always good to through some ideas in, I think that having a button designated as
a hot key would be better,

for instance, lets say, you always use gaim, firefox, abiword etc... and the short cut key is "S"
so when you press "S" you get a quick popup/panel in the middle of the screen with your most
used applications, this panel can be configured so that you could add what ever programmes you wont.

another thing to add to configure this panel, you could make it really simple, and by pressing CTRL+ALT+S
the panel is displayed and will not disappear till you click these buttons again, this will allow you
to add what ever shortcut icons you have.

>Alexey Rusakov:
>"What about having a list of 20 or 30 applications?"

I do agree also that if you had 30 applications then you will confuse things, however, this is a short cut menu
not a replacement one, I.e. its only for the most used, like FireFox or email or IM/blogging application
no one in there right mind,(forgive the _expression_) will put 30 applications as most used, defeats the point

this quick menu will be a graphical one and not text based, when you presented with the quick application launcher
you see Icons, like the FireFox one or Gaim and so on.

I duno, maybe am talking too much, but if there is method in my madness then I do let me know.


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