Re: System Monitor Graph Style Suggestions

On Feb 15, 2006, at 2:24 PM, David Malcolm wrote:
On the subject of Tufte and gnome-system-monitor, I've implemented a
GtkCellRenderer subclass for sparklines and implemented it for the
per-process CPU usage:

That's gorgeous! Well done.

Going much beyond, who is the intended user of gnome-system-monitor, and what is its purpose? Is it simply a GTK replacement for "top", or is it intended to show something that's meaningful to:
- end-users?
- sysadmins?
- software developers?
(I don't think that "top" is particularly good for any of the above)

I thought the most common use of it was for closing unresponsive programs. Maybe I'm just unlucky. :-)

But if that is a common use, it's a bit awkward, since the list uses pretty unrecognizable names for many programs (soffice.bin, eog, esd, sol, wtf, bbq), and by default lists many things that aren't programs as most people would understand them (bonobo-activation-server, dbus-daemon, gam_server, etc etc). Maybe the list of processes could be filtered by default somehow, based on whether they were spawned from programs that have .desktop entries? Working towards giving the underlying executables human-readable names would help, too.

Matthew Paul Thomas

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