Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

> > Also, it's an accessibility violation to have anything involving
> > user-response that's timeout-based (unless the timeout is
> > configurable).  This adds an additional (necessary) complication to
> > auto-dismiss dialogs and the like, which may swing the cost/benefit
> > balance away from their favor.
> Would it be okay to disable the countdown if accessibility is enabled?

Not really, because, "accessibility" should always be enabled :-)

The gconf key "/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility" actually means
"assistive technology support" which is a different, more specific
thing.  A user doesn't need to be a user of assistive technology in
order to have different timing needs.

Anyhow, the less stuff we make "special" to accessibility, the better. 
If something really requires a timeout, then the timeout should be
configurable.  In many cases, the better solution is not to use a
timeout at all.


> Vincent

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