Re: control-center 2.13.90 released

Rodney Dawes wrote:
1) GtkOptionMenu is deprecated.
2) GtkComboBox makes it very difficult to add icons to the drop-down.

These two are valid points.

3) The icons were a total hack anyway, and broke a11y functionality
4) We have too many icons in use in the desktop, and so I, as well as
   the artists who maintain the icons, want to reduce that number
5) To help separate the controls within the dialog for managing the
   wallpapers and properties on them, and the buttons for the dialog

These I have a hard time buying.

Taking this from the opposite approach, how on earth is a user supposed to know the difference between "Scaled" and "Fill Screen" without that little icon to show what's going to happen?

I personally find the "tiled" icon very helpful, as well as the "Add" and "Remove" icons. They tell me a lot, help me make a quick decision.

The gradient icons are less useful, but they show a little preview of what will happen without the composed textured like in the larger preview icons. They are needed.

It used to be that adding icons to interfaces would help "dumb users" (or me on a Monday morning). Now we're being told the opposite?


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