Re: Contribution

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, Pat Suwalski wrote:


> On the project I work on, Celestia, my goal is to have a UI that is
> consistent with the Windows UI, so that it's literally a port. To that
> end, some things follow the HIG (I have dialog buttons at the bottom of
> the window as opposed to the side)

Gtk add support for alternative button orders for just this kind of use
case.  It is at least possible to have it both ways if you want.

I dont think there is any easy way to have the buttons on the side as
Adobe seems to prefer instead of at the bottom but it would be interesting
if it were possible.  It sort of goes against reading order, unless you
think of it as the next column/page but it does make good use of the
fact that screens tend to be wider than they are tall.

> and other elements from the Windows UI are kept for consistency. I think
> I've reached a fairly decent balance.

I'd be interested to know more about features on Windows you feel might
go against the Gnome HIG.  Feel free to send me a quick mail offlist if
there are any little ideas.  I'd like to think you can have it both ways
but I would be interested to identify cases where you cannot, since there
may be ways to improve the HIG or suggest a different approach that works
better for both platforms.


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