Re: Contribution

Maxim Udushlivy wrote:
Well, perhaps this dispute is in fact an "innovation vs tradition" philosophical conflict :) If this is true, there must be a place for both; and HIG's should exist, but only as recommendations, not as constraints.

I think that's why they're called "guidelines" as opposed to "rules" or "requirements".

They are recommendations, and many apps break them when they have sufficient reason.

The idea is that if there is enough of a reason to break a guideline, then eventually that case should be added to the HIG document itself. So, if the latest fad is to put a "Trash my system" button right next to the "Save" button on the toolbar, and enough programs see it as useful, then it will be added at some point. :)

On the project I work on, Celestia, my goal is to have a UI that is consistent with the Windows UI, so that it's literally a port. To that end, some things follow the HIG (I have dialog buttons at the bottom of the window as opposed to the side), and other elements from the Windows UI are kept for consistency. I think I've reached a fairly decent balance.


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