Maintainer(s) Wanted

Unfortunately, I don't have the time I need to contribute to GNOME at the level I should. For the last year, I've been pretending that I had the time, in the hopes that the fantasy would become reality, ut it hasn't.

So I'm putting maintainership of the Fast User Switch Applet (aka FUSA, module: fast-user-switch-applet) up for grabs. Also up for grabs libegg/libegg/eggiconchooser (and it's dependencies), replacement/enhancement for GnomeIconEntry targeted towards GTK+, in the style of GtkFileChooser.

At some point I hope to re-join the community, but unless I get a job working on GNOME I have to give it up right now. The other modules I'm the maintainer for (gio, libgnetwork, and gnomechat) can go into the archive if no one wants to pick them up.

Good luck, and rock on you crazy kids.

James Cape

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