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On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Maxim Udushlivy wrote:

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> Maxim Udushlivy wrote:
> > Random thought: opposition to a commercial software project is a
> > capitalism while opposition to a community-based foss project is
> > sometimes like a revolt. :)
> >
> >
> Yet another thought: I think you certainly need to reorient Gnome from
> politics towards technology. Such things as 10x10 and
> looks very political. But for example is much better I
> think. Software-as-a-servant, not software-as-an-idol.

> And about that HIG: guidelines have a tendency slowly but steadily to
> transform into constraints. It's much better to have principles instead
> of constraints.

Guideline and checklists are easier to follow.  There is not always clear
cut agreement on the principles either.  If there is something in the HIG
you disagree with I would strongly encourage you to mail the usability
list and ask.  There may well be room for alternative approachs which keep
within the spirit and intentions of the guidelines.  If you ask we should
in most cases be able to explain to you some of the rationale behind a
guideline or possible compromises which informed a decision at the time
and could now be reapproached.

The Guidelines are not carved in stone.  The can and will be changed but
most prefer to take the path of least resistance and make inconsistent
applications rather than trying to promote changes in the HIG or even the

> And that principle about Gnome simplicity - it's good, but it should not
> be achieved at the expense of functionality. Being simple does not mean
> being less functional.

It is easier to say one has principles than to clearly express them and
consistently follow them.  The guidelines provide a useful way to express
various ideas in a clearer less ambiguous fashion.

This discussion is getting very hypothetical but if you do have an
specific examples in the HIG you disagree with and would like to reexamine
please do bring the subject to the usability mailing list (but please do
not cross post).


Alan Horkan

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