Re: Global keybindings in GNOME

By putting the bindings in the one WM process the idea was to keep a
centrally maintained global binding set.

The problem (which I think Alex Gravely originally raised) is that if
you want to run a different WM (e.g. running Tomboy on XFCE), then
apps have got to roll their own keybindings, rather than rely on
metacity.  So, after all this debate out getting Tomboy into GNOME,
let's discuss letting Tomboy play nice outside of GNOME...  ;-)

Also there was (at least the state of play a year ago when I last
looked - maybe this has migrated to GTK since)
libegg/treeviewutils/eggaccelerators.{h,c} for parsing things like the
string "<Alt>F12", which is more than just what XGrabKey gives you,
and should really be somewhere other than egg.  But maybe it already
is (or am I getting confused with GtkCellRendererAccel??), and I'm
just old-fashioned (and should remove

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