Re: icon naming spec and gnome-vfs

> Kalle Vahlman wrote:
>> And if you ask me, "jpg", "png" or "tiff" does not translate well to
>> UserSpeak ;)
> My 14-year-old brother (X-box-generation kid with average computer
> skills) comes to me and says "Hey Pat, can you send me that jay-peg?" It
> translates very well to users.

More importantly, there are classes of users who genuinely need to know
what file format is being used. For instance:

- graphics professionals who need to deliver files in specific formats and
often have the same file in multiple formats.
- office workers who need to save their work in ODF or .sxw format, but
sometimes have to send a copy as .doc to people who demand Word documents.

While they can get this information elsewhere, it's useful to see it at a

For applications that have only one file format, or for files that are
never saved in multiple file formats, it's not useful.

The HIG allows for this "useful"ness.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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