Re: icon naming spec and gnome-vfs

Long eMail, real issues at bottom...

Rodney Dawes wrote:
You haven't lost any information, you only think you have. You're
looking for the information in the wrong place.

The advantage of the little tag was that the information was always in the same place. The extension on a file moves around depending on the length of the filename. It was easier to scan and look for the little red tag or the little purple tag.

Regarding mime types, the reason I use Nautilus is because it has a kick-ass implementation for distinguishing between the types in a sane way. The extension means *nothing* to me. I often have files mailed to me with the wrong extension. Nautilus picks up on this. I don't know how many files I've been able to pick up as incorrectly named just because Nautilus stuck the correct icon on an incorrectly named file.

Regarding your other mail about people not appreciating your work: don't make assumptions like that. You know as well as everyone else that criticism will always outweigh positive feedback because there is more incentive to make it.

It is good to have a unified icon naming spec. I just don't want to lose what we had before. In terms of users, I'm willing to bet 2-beer when I'm in Boston in October that if there were a poll done for users, worded like this:

	"Would you be interested in having the little tag on the image
	icons that tells you what they are removed?"

You would get an 80:20 split saying No.

Now, looking back at the idea of a dynamic overlay along the lines of Nautilus emblems: what would be a cool way to make icons on the fly like that. The only thought that comes to mind is something in GTK's icon loader itself. When asked for, say, image/png, it would load the icon it does now, load an appropriate overlay, and composite them together.

Real questions:
 - would this fit into the caching concept at all?
 - maybe this could all be pre-rendered by gnome-icon-cache?
 - does this have anything that seriously impedes the icon naming spec?

I'm not seeking a bandaid solution that would revert the old behaviour, even if that's all I want as a user. I'm looking for ways to make it better. I've heard many times about developers who could use this overlay functionality if implemented in GNOME.


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