Mono bindings a blessed dependency? [Was: Tomboy in 2.16]

On 4/19/06, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> My main question is about the Gtk# bindings: should we include them in
> the bindings set before including an app?

Personally, I definitely think that should be a requirement, yes.

But, a more important question: We currently only allow apps using the
python bindings into the desktop.  There are other languages bindings
in our release set, but none of them have been similarly blessed. 
Assuming Gtk# is added to the bindings set, should it be a language
core apps can use?

My personal opinion is that we should try to prevent having too many
blessed languages to prevent maintainence problems (*cough* sawfish
*cough*) but that we need to balance that with the number of apps,
their coolness, and the size of the Gnome community behind them (i.e.
likelihood of finding a new maintainer).  Not all may agree with those
criteria though...

So, new question we have to address before addressing Alex's proposal:
Should Mono be a valid dependency and C# a blessed language?

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