Re: Solution for OEMs/Gnome

Hi Daniel,

I'm not sure it is exactly what you are looking for, but maybe these 3 articles from redhat magazine can help you. It deals with integration of programs on the Gnome desktop (managing menu integration, add icon on desktop, managing mime type and so on...)

these two are more "developer-oriented" :

Hope it will help :)

Best Regards,


Daniel Carrera wrote:

Stanislav Brabec wrote:

They are: /apps/panel/default_setup/applets and /apps/panel/applets.

I see it. I also see /apps/panel/default_setup/objects. But I don't see a way to change what's there. Adding an icon means adding a new object and I can't see a way to do that from gconf-editor. Also, if I add an icon to my panel, it won't show up on Gconf.

Gconf seems like an incredibly complicated way of adding an icon. And it doesn't seem to work at all. There is no connection between what I see on gconf-editor and the icons I see on my desktop.

As I wrote before, this file is really hard to understand and there is
no GUI for it (at least jus now). But at least here in SuSE we were able
to change the default panel by editing

Indeed, this file is not clear at all. And it looks unduly complicated for just a panel. I don't think I'll fiddle with it, I'll probably break it.

You can take a help from user account with properly reconfigured panel.

Except that I don't understand the contents of ~/.gconf

It seems easier to just cp ~/.gconf ~/.gnome2 /etc/skel/

- Edit .schemas or .entries in installed environment and use gconftool
after setup.

If you are talking about .../gconf/schemas/panel-default-setup.entries then I have no idea how to edit it.

- Use gconf-editor as root and set values.

Doesn't give me the option to add an icon.

- Change GConf path and use custom .schemas or .entries and use
gconftool after setup.

Still don't know how to edit .entries or .schemas. Like you said, they aren't exactly straight forward.

- Change GConf path and use separate GConf database

No use unless I can generate a separate GConf database.

But as I wrote before, for panel all these ways are very unintuitive.

You could say that :)

How do I do that though? I don't want to login to X as root, and gconf-editor doesn't seem to give me any options for adding an icon to the panel.

gnomesu gconf-editor

gconf-editor doesn't have any method for adding a new icon. All it can do is change values of existing icons. And even that is doubtful because it is showing some icons which are nowhere on my panel.


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