Re: metacity-list gnome org

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 13:34 -0400, Owen Williams wrote:
> Bugzilla is a good thing, but not if the maintainers seemingly ignore
> it.  The solution may not be a new mailing list, but simply an increased
> level of responsiveness on bugzilla.  I don't expect maintainers to
> chime in on every half-baked wishlist, but when it comes to
> long-requested and useful features with working patches there should be
> more communication.  

I can't disagree, but will a list help?

My basic fear about the list is that we'll get too many "window
management enthusiasts" who would never write a patch, or would only
write stupid patches of the "yes we should fix the root cause but it
sure was easy to add two lines of code here" variety, and then we'd get
endless dumb flamewars between these people and between these people and
the maintainers. I just don't care to read a bunch of crap mail like
that. At least in bugzilla you can mark dup and people have to look at
all the old comments and come up with something original to say.
And having to create a bugzilla account and find the right bug to
comment on and read that bug first adds some barrier to entry.

Maybe a list with everyone except known contributors in read-only
mode ;-)

Anyhow, Elijah is doing way more work than me on metacity these days, so
really I'm just another lamer with an opinion. As you say I can't even
keep up with patches.


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