Re: metacity-list gnome org

> On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 21:08 +0200, BJörn Lindqvist wrote:
> > It doesn't exist. I think a metacity-list would be really really
> > useful. Pretty please? :)
> Useful for what? ;-)  ... all the "doing work" kind of discussions seem
> to be adequately handled by bugzilla. And I can certainly imagine a lot
> of annoying discussions likely to appear on metacity-list that would not
> count as "doing work"

For discussing long-standing issues with Metacity. Like the
focus-stealing problems, the placement algorithm or the (ugh!)
minimize animation. :) And for asking things like how do you implement
X in Metacity or like "I'd like to implement this awesome feature, do
you think it would be a good idea or not?" It doesn't feel right to
open bugzilla bugs for those kinds of things. Plus, it is easy to find
old discussions by search mailing-list archives. Not so easy with

> If there are topics that really need a list, they are on topic for
> desktop-devel-list, usability list, and other gnome lists. I don't think
> we need a metacity list until the metacity-specific content becomes a
> significant amount of traffic on the main gnome lists, no?

Yes.. But some people migth be afraid to pollute the big
desktop-devel-list with issues that doesn't concern most of its
readers. :)

mvh Björn

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