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> On 9/11/05, BJörn Lindqvist <bjourne gmail com> wrote:
> > It doesn't exist. I think a metacity-list would be really really
> > useful. Pretty please? :)
> As Havoc, said, I think the big question is finding out what problems
> this would address or what new advantages it would bring.  I believe
> there may be things that we should address, but I'm not sure yet if a
> mailing list is what we need (a wiki page, an extra file in CVS with a
> little more info, or other solutions may work).  If it is though, I'd
> like to avoid the "annoying discussions" that could easily happen[1].

For example, over the last few days I've been trying to implement a
better looking window minimize animation. I want to make it so that
there are an minimize and an unminimize animation that looks like it
looks in Windows and KDE. They animate by using the window's titlebar
that is animated to the taskbar. Metacity's code for animations are in
effects.c and .h. But the code contains support for three different
animation styles, so it seems like it is supposed to be some kind of
framework. So for the example, I'd like to ask what's the deal with
BoxAnimationContext? how to go forward with my idea (preferably on a
metacity-list :))? if it would be a useful feature and if so, how
Havoc would like to have it implemented. And then there is probably
someone else around who have already have had the same idea and might
even have implemented it. :)

> Your question did make me think about potential problems, though.
> Besides sucking at reviewing patches[2], I did think of one other
> potential problem (please let me know if there are others).  We're not
> doing very well about communicating what is being worked on and
> why[3], which makes it a little harder for potential contributors
> trying to find their way around.  Yet it looks like we may
> (hopefully!) be gaining more and more contributors[4].  Some way of
> sharing this information better may help this group.
> Thanks for your work on Metacity, btw.

The experience have been nothing but delightful so far.
> time I was the one doing the creating.  There's also been emails I
> sent Havoc asking for details about how certain parts of the code
> worked or bouncing preliminary ideas off him that could have
> potentially helped others.

Yes, that's exactly the kind of things I'm looking for.

mvh Björn

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