Re: metacity-list gnome org

On 9/11/05, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> If there are topics that really need a list, they are on topic for
> desktop-devel-list, usability list, and other gnome lists. I don't think
> we need a metacity list until the metacity-specific content becomes a
> significant amount of traffic on the main gnome lists, no?

Well, there's been cases before where I've claimed that it wasn't on
topic for d-d-l[1] and people may be afraid because of that.  ;-)


[1] We scare too many developers away from d-d-l due to email volume
and single-product-specific emails seemed like an easy candidate for
moving elsewhere.  (I left my responses here, though, because the
question has come up before, it looks like Bjorn is trying to get more
involved, and I have the feeling that we might be making things
difficult without realizing it and wanted to get feedback from him as
well as others on what those problems might be)

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