Re: Auric Implemented (mostly!?)

> * Can you also add a way to launch binaries ? e.g. i type "gedit" and a
> drop down saying "Launch Text Viewer" appears in the list. That would
> allow to get rid of the mini-commander applet which does that, but only
> that. The binary detection would be like the mime association box,
> maybe.

The screencast shows me launching the binary abiword.  At the moment,
you have to explicitly add it in as an "engine", but I could probably
just have a look at what the mini-commander does right now.

> * Add a key binding to jump in it, like beagle does with F12, maybe it
> already exists, i couldn't find it.

A global keybinding would be sweet, but I'm not sure of the best way to
do this right now:

> * There is no way to trigger the popup menu with the keyboard, maybe a
> libsexy limitation. I also have a weird right border (see attached
> screenshot) and the margin between border and icon and icon and text are a bit clumsy.

Can't read the attachment, but that might be my mail server (myrealbox)
- it's been flaky on me before.

> * Instead of falling back to google for everything, propose a
> prioritized list for the term, like
>  * Search google for xXXx
>  * Search Imdb for XXx
>  * blah
> and preselect the first match, maybe look at how epiphany handles smart
> bookmarks

I can see the sense of the Epiphany design, but I am just wary that if
you throw in bookmarks and addresses on top of all these search engines,
then the drop-down is starting to get pretty full.

> * Is there a repository for the code or you just provide tarballs ?

Right now, just tarballs.  If people are interested in hacking on it,
then I'm sure that we can set something up.


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