Re: Auric Implemented (mostly!?)

On lun, 2005-09-12 at 00:50 +1000, Nigel Tao wrote:
> For those who follow the AuricApplet idea on, those who
> downloaded previous versions of my deskbar, or simply those who are
> nostalgic for how epiphany used to be able to search from the address
> bar, I announce the Deskbar Applet version 0.4.  It's been a few months
> coming.

That looks sexy indeed, some remarks:
* Can you also add a way to launch binaries ? e.g. i type "gedit" and a
drop down saying "Launch Text Viewer" appears in the list. That would
allow to get rid of the mini-commander applet which does that, but only
that. The binary detection would be like the mime association box,

* Look for and block if no libsexy + python bindings. Better, remove the
dep for libsexy, and remove that icon if there is no libsexy, the
funcionality stays the same (nothing prevents you from using icons in
the drop down i think).

* Add a key binding to jump in it, like beagle does with F12, maybe it
already exists, i couldn't find it.

* There is no way to trigger the popup menu with the keyboard, maybe a
libsexy limitation. I also have a weird right border (see attached
screenshot) and the margin between border and icon and icon and text are a bit clumsy.

* Instead of falling back to google for everything, propose a
prioritized list for the term, like
 * Search google for xXXx
 * Search Imdb for XXx
 * blah
and preselect the first match, maybe look at how epiphany handles smart

* Is there a repository for the code or you just provide tarballs ?

Beside that it looks cool :)

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