Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

Il giorno dom, 21/08/2005 alle 00.50 -0400, Jonathan Blandford ha
> Now that GTK+-2.8.0 is out, the GTK+ team would like to announce Project
> Ridley.
> The primary goal of Project Ridley is to cut down on the number of
> problem libraries that are part of the GNOME platform.  We propose to do
> this by moving functionality into GTK+, wherever it makes sense.  These
> libraries are generally small, undermaintained, and buggy.  They have an
> unclear purpose (such as libgnome and libgnomeui), are copied-and-pasted
> around (such as libegg) or would benefit by being in GTK+ (libgnomeprint
> and libgnomeprintui.)

Not well fitting with this disclaimer, but are any interesting widget in
GIMP to include in Project Ridley?

For instance the small cross-arrow between the vertical and the
horizontal scrollbars, used to scroll the image when zoomed in showing a
thumbnail, could be useful for other GNOME application related to image
(eog, gthumb, f-spot) and document (evince) viewing.

Could someone explore and report about GTK+ widgets in GIMP sources
useful for other applications?

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