Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

For the record, I think such a widget would be useful for almost every document-based application.

Such a widget should be robust enough to handle simple snapshot-the-viewport behavior, and overridable to support more advanced things like outline-shadowing for longer text files used in some IDEs.


Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno dom, 21/08/2005 alle 00.50 -0400, Jonathan Blandford ha

Now that GTK+-2.8.0 is out, the GTK+ team would like to announce Project


The primary goal of Project Ridley is to cut down on the number of
problem libraries that are part of the GNOME platform.  We propose to do
this by moving functionality into GTK+, wherever it makes sense.  These
libraries are generally small, undermaintained, and buggy.  They have an
unclear purpose (such as libgnome and libgnomeui), are copied-and-pasted
around (such as libegg) or would benefit by being in GTK+ (libgnomeprint
and libgnomeprintui.)

Not well fitting with this disclaimer, but are any interesting widget in
GIMP to include in Project Ridley?

For instance the small cross-arrow between the vertical and the
horizontal scrollbars, used to scroll the image when zoomed in showing a
thumbnail, could be useful for other GNOME application related to image
(eog, gthumb, f-spot) and document (evince) viewing.

Could someone explore and report about GTK+ widgets in GIMP sources
useful for other applications?

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